Into the light

To accompany the album there will be two other major components to enjoy:

  1. INTO THE LIGHT VIDEO DIARIES- Samuel is now reporting live on interesting news from around the world that's dedicated to positive change. These videos can be viewed below.

  2. INTO THE LIGHT COLLABORATIONS- To accompany the album, Sam has created a powerful series of musical encounters with extreme musical talents from around the world. During each encounter, Samuel invites the artist to play a different song from the album. The goal is to show the true light and deep connection that music creates. For this, Sam joined forces with award-winning film Director Aaron Krinsky. Together they created A Conscious Collaboration with The Vibe Tribe and Conscious Cinema whose mission is to take this project geographically further- working with musical talents in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. A full length documentary will be launched in the US summer in 2018 via the Conscious Cinema platform. This platform of music lighting the way through sound and vision will be part of the Into The Light tour.

"Some of the most heart warming beautiful compositions I have heard from this era, and with it the birth of a much needed bright star.'' Limiha

"Samuel's music has as good a chance of taking the world by storm as anything else out there, believing in this right here.'' Clarence Cope

“Into the Light is a celebration of all the good being done - but it is an album inspired by truth - and inspired by many who do not have a voice. It feels almost like the fabric of this album is woven by the conversations of our time - I have put my full heart and all my spirit into this, because my full heart and spirit have been moved so deeply by the experiences that once inspired the spark that ignited this music. I trust that same spark moves you - I hope it brings you some upliftment - clarity - and inspires you in some way - like it inspired me. It’s 11 full songs that I have composed, recorded, produced, mixed, and it’s been a journey. It features many angel friends who have shown up and I’m happy to have their talents and spirit on the record - it’s an album funded by love and driven by belief. I feel there is song on here for everyone. So It is with all my heart that I finally present to you my life’s best works to date, INTO THE LIGHT. Thank you - Blessings” Samuel J


Follow this innovative story teller as he travels around the globe bringing attention to those important issues that affect our planets well being through his music.