The LIVE PROJECT was first created in Brasil.

Samuel created an award winning album with some of the greatest names in the Brazilian Music World, it was inspired by the courageous lives of the youth he worked with in the favela’s and he went on to distribute the album to support a very special school in the heart of Rio De Janiero.

This has now become the model for future live projects currently planned for Africa, India and Nepal in the coming years.

"More than an album, the Brasil Live Project reflects the unifying power of music and its ability to breakdown barriers in an ever more segregated world.’’ -Music Connect


After years away from his home and being heavily inspired by the strong heart of a nation, musician Samuel J set off on a mission to create a large scale project with some of his musical heroes in Brazil. Deeply inspired by the courage of the many street children he met across the country, he dreamt that one day this project could raise awareness and provide education to help young lives. After a long and challenging journey, the vision has manifested.

”It was a daunting task to set out and collaborate with the musicians that I most aspired to in Brazil. I self produced and recorded this album spending years away, months in studios, in favelas, houses, on late night buses, metros, in and out of the craziest places – As time peeled back the layers of the hard truths of this world, it was the young children's larger than life smiles and ability to rise up even in the face of total chaos, that kept me driven.” -Samuel J

making the album

School Children of The Uniao Community School

All funds from the Brasil Live Project will go towards providing new equipment, facilities and classes in dance, art, singing, music and theatre for The Uniao Community School.  I met the most inspirational group of teachers who are dedicating their lives to steer children away from arms, drug, and sex trafficking by offering education.


The Uniao Community School is an institution that has been helping educate the youth for over 30 years in dangerous areas where schools and opportunity are very difficult to come by. The school is one of the only institutions currently offering children’s education at the heart of Brazil’s poorest, most violent community – Rocinha, Rio. It is in a constant struggle to keep its structure and facilities running, hence why we need your help! These classes provide a safe and healthy opportunity for the children, education is literally life changing for them, giving them hope for a better future and new horizons.

We will be working with this school for the long run. This is just the beginning. The hope is that the project will allow the school to develop their own performance groups and garner deserved recognition.