Ocean Conservation

Samuel has been actively involved in the world conservation movement for over ten years.

Growing up in Cornwall he developed a huge love for the ocean. He was a Lifeguard and Surf Instructor by the age of 17, where he began to work with children of all ages. Samuel has gone on to coach surfing in many different forms, including as a trauma therapy coach for his platform Break Through Paddle helping people all around the world.

Through his own efforts with his music he has raised 100s of thousands of dollars for marine conservation and child education. Samuel has achieved this by dedicating many of his tours and music releases to these causes, where concerts will feature educational videos, speakers and raise funds directly for the cause.

Examples include All Connected Tour in Hawaii with Terry Lilley (Nat Geo marine biologist) dedicated to Marine Conservation.

Guatemala tour Playing For Change feeding underprivileged children around the country …. and many more.

As a result of his tireless work and volunteer efforts, his career has been supported by some of the world's greatest conservation platforms including The Dalai Lama, Ocean Care, Greenpeace, Blue Sphere Foundation and Sea Shepherd. (see details below)

Samuel has been bringing his All Connected Event to venues round the world and his Ocean Conservation Workshop to schools far and wide (including Los Angeles, Bali, England, Hawaii see pics),

Where the focus is presenting an educational and inspiring experience for people to feel empowered to make a difference in protecting the oceans.


Performing to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Samuel was selected from thousands of applicants to perform to the Dalai Lama twice during his 80th birthday in California. Samuel was alongside his inspiration, Michael Franti, and both artists got to meet and perform to his holiness. 

Sea Shepherd

Samuel was made an official crew member of Sea Shepherd after several years of his own work supporting the worlds greatest marine conservation society. He continues to teach workshops in Marine conservation at schools and seminars around the world. He traveled the length of the Americas helping to shut down illegal salmon farms and was in charge of education visits to schools throughout the country. 

Blue Sphere Foundation

In 2019 Samuel was asked to join an expedition with other influencer’s from round the globe, to visit one of the worlds richest regions of bio diversity on the planet, West Papua.

The experience was captured on film and its content is now being used to create further support for the protection of this very special area. Blue Sphere foundation have already successfully protected 100s of thousands of kilometers of ocean habitat.

Live Project - Building a school in Rio De Janeiro

(see live project) Samuel created an album, the Brasil Live Project, featuring some of the biggest names in Brazils music scene and was released in an international crowd fund raising campaign, which supported the entire construction of a school in Rio De Janiero. The Live Project model will now go on to Africa in 2019 - then India 2020 …