Into The Light Experience

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Welcome to Into the Light. One of the greatest immersive concert experiences of our time.

We are excited to invite you to join us for our world class magical concert event, hosted in a heavenly Brand New State of The Art Outdoor Amphitheater in enchanting Topanga, with a not to be missed ALL-STAR Line Up of award winning music/film presentations.

We believe it is has never been a more important time to come together to make a positive difference in the world. We are each instrumental in playing a role.

That’s why we have been so inspired to create a groundbreaking, intimate, powerful, transformative, new concert event that really focuses on bringing all the necessary parts together to create optimum positive impact into action ion the world.

We need each other so each month we create a space for The Creatives, (musicians, artists, performers) to come together with the Conservation World (foundations, non profits,) with the Business World, (investors, Founders, CEOS, Music & Film Industry each month, to explore how we can best support each other to be our best selves and create our highest positive impact in the world.

This Event Is Supporting work with THE BLUE SPHERE FOUNDATION

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It has never been a more powerful time to make a difference. Following the momentum of the soul'd out album shows, we were inspired to create a groundbreaking, intimate, powerful, transformative, new monthly concert gathering, celebrating with an array of LA’’s best musical talents, speakers, conservation platforms and industry each month at the most gorgeous Venues in LA. We have sold out our first 3 events. These unique events are hosted by Samuel J&The Light Band, and include different all star line ups each time. The event is focused on the message and meaning of all platforms and dedicated to how we can best support each other in building and contributing to the greater good of this world.

The audience is a hugely interactive and inclusive part of the experience. The Into the Light Experience is about everyone present. It is structured in a way so to optimise the most positive outcome for both the artist and the audience. After each song or presentation there is an opportunity for members of the audience to share and give feedback to the artists, as well as an opportunity for the artists to share more about the depth of their art form.Into The Light events series is dedicated to experience the deep liberating power of heart centered music and providing an opportunity for people to unify in support of one another’s platforms to amplify the good being done in the world. It offers a safe container for local people of the region and international community to come together in celebration and discussion of what is of greatest importance for life here on earth.

Ultimately it provides us all with an experience to be empowered, to go onwards on our paths with new tools to integrate into our lives and our greater field. Samuel J Into The Light Platform is at the heart of the movement dedicated to contributing to the greater good of all things, and upholding what is sacred in this life. Come Join us ! Feel the Joy, Love, and Connection ofInto The Light Experience sure to move your body, heart, and soul.


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