Activism, Youth Empowerment, Coaching

As a result of his own fundraising, dedication, and volunteer efforts, his career has been supported by some of the world's greatest conservation platforms including The Dalai Lama, Ocean Care, Greenpeace, and Sea Shepard. 

Samuel has been raising funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd and Ocean Care for a number of years and works continuously at schools and through his music to amplify the positive impact of their work. Samuel has taken part in expeditions with both organizations, visiting remote regions of the world and reporting from the areas most effected by exploitation.

He has just completed his award winning, ‘Brasil Live Project', an album featuring many of Brazil's greatest artists. The project is helping underprivileged children across Brazil. He continues to work with his Youth Warrior Empowerment program at schools wherever he is on tour.

Performing to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Samuel was selected from thousands of applicants to perform to the Dalai Lama twice during his 80th birthday in California. Samuel was alongside his inspiration, Michael Franti, and both artists got to meet and perform to his holiness. 

Building a school in Rio De Janeiro

Samuel has already single handedly fund-raised thousands of dollars with his own music efforts. His last album, the Brasil Live Project, was a musical collaborative album written and recorded by Samuel featuring some of the biggest names in Brazils music scene and dedicated entirely to child education.

Sea Shepherd

Samuel was made an official crew member of Sea Shepherd after several years of his own work supporting the worlds greatest marine conservation society. He continues to teach workshops in Marine conservation at schools and seminars around the world. He traveled the length of the Americas helping to shut down illegal salmon farms and was in charge of education visits to schools throughout the country. 

Speaker at world expos and the International Conference.

With the funds he has raised, Samuel has supported huge conservation projects on coral reefs in Indonesia and Australia. He was elected to speak at the International Expo alongside leading conservationist Vadanha Shiva from India.