“Simply life changing” Hannah Lowe

“Not only have I discovered my voice I have discovered my ultimate meditation through the work I have done with Sam, I am forever grateful” Dan Brasik

“I have had songs buried my whole life and I now know I just needed to connect with myself differently to bring them to life, Sam reminded me of the deep love for music that’s pushing everything else forward that I had forgotten” Chris Conler

“I went from being fearful and unsure of my music to completely loving it, now not able to stop writing as it just brings me so much joy, this is a next level of coaching right here.” Lesley Haynes

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Samuel offers his unique Into The Light Music Coaching to a very limited amount of people at any one time. The plan is to eventually have the truly transformational curriculum taught at educational centre’s starting in California.

Up until now Samuel has coached 100’ s of people throughout the world into their power through this course, just through word of mouth. Samuel began coaching music to Children at 19 years of age and since then has gone on to work with all ages both privately and in seminars round the world.

This site is a short over view of the course layout, its full content is only shared with his students.

To apply for Samuel’s course please email

The teachings are really focused on empowering people to remember their own light and their own gift through the practice of music creation.

The Course entails a whole approach to building strong foundations then developing all the subsequent layers necessary to create the optimum alignment with the writer and the song.

For the full course content please e mail - examples include -

Sample to some of course content

The Metaphysics of music (how we feel how, how this affects the music)

The Spark - (how to utilise the moment of inspiration)

The Conductor - (Exploration of textures, rhythm, pace and feeling within, how this affects the field energy, the audience energy, others energy)

Composition - (chord relations - verses - bridges - middle 8s - chorus the marriage or union of separate parts)

Performance and The Third Player

(putting everything together, no mind, conductor, letting the music play itself)

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